February recommendations

Starting this month in _consider, we’re including a special guest write up of a recommendation from one of our readers. Our goal is for a larger portion of our recommendations to not be driven by us. We are most likely to find content that changes our perspective when we talk to you - over 250 people with different tastes and life experience than our own. If there’s something out there that you think deserves to be considered on a future email, please reply to this email or reach out to Nick, Max, or Ben directly and let us know why! Frank Massaro, our good friend in New York, is kicking this initiative off with his write up on the documentary Indie Game. 

Indie Game: The Movie
Directed by Lisanne Pajot & James Swirsky
Documentary / Amazon Prime, 1h 43m
Recommendation by Frank Massaro (@dwginky)

Every once in a while a documentary comes across my path which I genuinely believe can help people gain true perspective and understanding. The social term "Gamer" is not one many assume to be synonymous with "Artist." I believe many would think quite the opposite. Enter Indie Game: The Movie by Lisanne Pajot & James Swirsky. Video games as an interactive medium have this strange flexibility to rope people into their worlds through visual and auditory means. As technology has experienced incredible strides over the past century, so too has the ability to tell stories in these worlds. Paiot and Swirsky have decided to tell their story by masterfully blending the development diaries of 3 independent games. Each Independent game developer highlighted has an incredible desire to express themselves through this medium. Having nowhere near the budgets of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, these independent developers are sacrificing their own money, time and sometimes even more to deliver their unique story.

(This documentary is available through Amazon Video (included in your prime membership), however if you would like to support the artists, the link for the film is here and the film is available through Google,YouTube and Apple.)

SpaceX Double Landing
YouTube, 1 minute

On February 6th, SpaceX successfully completed the first-ever launch of its Falcon Heavy rocket - “the most powerful operational rocket in the world, by a factor of two”, per the company. The whole webcast is worth watching, but this one minute YouTube video gives perspective-expanding scale to the scope of what SpaceX is doing. In the history of human civilization, only one time has a larger payload been launched into orbit; the Saturn V moon rocket in 1973. When the company landed its first rocket, the world was in awe. Landing two at the same time is a new level of science and engineering. The sound here is especially amazing so give it a watch with headphones. Thanks to Alex Z. in Somerville for sharing. 

The Definitive Mr. Rogers Profile: ‘Can You Say...Hero?’
By Tom Junod
Article / Esquire, ~ 20min

In November of 1998, an unlikely Mr. Rogers smiled on the cover of Esquire Magazine. The companion profile piece, a groundbreaking feat of new journalism by Tom Junod (and now the inspiration for an upcoming movie starring Tom Hanks), reconsiders the traditional idea of masculine heroism through the story of a real-life friendship between author and subject. 

The Crash Reel
Directed by Lucy Walker
Documentary / HBO, 2h 27m

Big-air snowboarder Kevin Pearce was all but a shoe-in for the 2010 Olympics before experiencing a traumatic brain injury in training that left him in recovery, while Sean White, peer and rival, would go on to win glory.  With the support and reluctance of a loving family,  Pearce--still inspired to "go bigger"-- fights his way back to a new version of himself. Walker's slickly edited film is a human story and reminder that failure is often the conduit to a more noble version of ourselves. 

Ben Brostoff