Why we exist

A handful of books, documentaries and podcasts have changed my life. Some I found from friends; others on Reddit and Hacker News; some I just saw in book stores. The things that change our mental model of the world have a strange way of appearing when we least expect it.

That shouldn't be the case. Content discovery should be easy. It should be a choice that embraces your tastes, your friends' tastes and an element of randomness that is one part random and one part directed. It should create those moments where you say to yourself, "I had no idea that existed! I now think about X differently".

These moments are important because, in our eyes, the real joy of life is not having static opinion on anything. The fact that one book can change your world view is a tribute to how we think collectively; that human knowledge is made up of a bunch of different people with a bunch of different experiences, all who have decided to contribute.

When we consume these contributions - in the form of books, documentaries, podcasts - whatever - we "meet" these people and their ideas. But it's not the people we're meeting per se - it's their minds. Hence, our little project's name - Meeting of the Minds.

What you'll find here are not people, but ideas. Minds.

Let the meeting begin!